About us

ZAKI A. GHUL was founded in 1949 when Mr. Zaki chose to divert from his Law major and start his own business by becoming a construction contractor in Arab Jerusalem and the West Bank. By the early Fifties, he had added to his contracting business a Fuel Station in Jericho and the first retail store, located in Arab Jerusalem, which was dedicated for the sale of construction materials and contributed in him becoming a major importer of Portland White Cement from Belgium and later from Egypt as well. 
1957 marked the turning point in Mr. Zaki’s life; his renowned “Gifts’ Exhibition” showroom opened in Arab Jerusalem – at Salahuddin Street - and was dedicated to the display and sales of self-imported German products (Chandeliers, Gift Items, Porcelain Tableware, Musical Instruments, and Photo Cameras).
The concept behind “Gifts’ Exhibition” took place once Mr. Zaki decided to buy a photo camera from “ILOCA” of Germany. “ILOCA” insisted on a minimum order of 10pcs, and when he bought a “VW Beetle” and resold it, and in the process became VW's dealer in the West Bank of Jordan.
Later on, Mr. Zaki expanded his business and added more brands to import and distribute including “SIWA” (the World’s First Twin Tub Washing Machine) and “IGNIS” White Goods. 
SONY as a brand was introduced to Zaki A. Ghul in 1958 when Mr. Zaki came across a SONY ad that raised his interest in securing the brand and adding it to the range of products he already distributed. This led to Mr. Zaki becoming SONY’s first dealer in the Middle East and the sixth worldwide. 
In 1962, Mr. Zaki became a SONY Exclusive Distributor for Jordan and dedicated his time and resources to Sony sales in Jordan, abandoning almost every other line of business. It, also, marked the beginning of a long journey and a partnership, existing till this very date, between both SONY Corporation and ZAKI A. GHUL linking  ZAKI A. GHUL’s name directly to the SONY brand. 
First Amman branch was opened downtown in 1962, and later moved to  Rainbow Street – Jabal Amman within the same year.
In 1963, Mr. Zaki was elected as council member of Arab Jerusalem. Today Mr. Zaki is the acting Mayor of Arab Jerusalem. 
After 1967, and because of the Israeli Occupation, Mr. Zaki fully moved his business to Amman.
Later on, in the 1990s, Mr. Zaki’s sons (Fawwaz, Nasser and Amer) joined in his business and with time more brands and dealerships were added transforming ZAKI A. GHUL into one of the leading and prominent official distributors of several audio, video, communications, and information technology products as well as white goods and kitchenware that are specially manufactured for the consumer and professional markets.
Today ZAKI A. GHUL has Two Major Sony Showrooms in Amman:
· SONY Shmeisani, Abdulhamid Sharaf Street.
· Main Showroom, SONY Building, Abdullah Al Daoud Street 24, next to Mecca Mall.
ZAKI A. GHUL offices are located in two different areas:
· Head Office as well as Showrooms for Consumer Business and Service Center located at SONY Building,   
  Abdullah Al Daoud Street 24, next to Mecca Mall.
· Shmeisani Office for Sony Professional & Broadcast Business.